Readers Reviews

A riveting read from beginning to end, “Arizona Dream” is an expertly written, true-life tale that reads like a thriller novel, documenting author Adnan Ališić as an extraordinary storyteller. This is the stuff from which Hollywood blockbuster movies are made. – Midwest Book Review

By Denise
Amazing book! The author wrote in such a way that the details make the story come to life; therefore, it created emotions and made you feel like you were reliving his journey with him. From beginning to end, the life events are unbelievable and may even seem unrealistic to some who had a much easier life. Great read and I highly recommend it to others.

By Patricia Statham
This book blew me away. I couldn’t put this book down. This is the true life story of Adnan Alisic.

By Catherine Townsend-Lyon
What an incredible story!!

Author, Adnan Alisic hit this gambling addiction and recovery book, written in prison by the way, out of the ball park! As a recovering addicted gambler myself for 8 years, I can not honestly say that I never thought of stealing my money back from a casino. I felt that way many times within my addiction.

By Coco
Arizona Dream: A True Story of a Real-life “Ocean’s Eleven” by Adnan Alisic isn’t a must read it’s a HAVE to read it’s that good. This book will grab you from page one and hold you down until you finish reading it. It’s full of twists and turns and talk about a page turner!

By Jared
Extremely well written. The author describes his feelings and surroundings in great detail as he tells his story. I find myself rooting for him. Gambling is a horrible addiction. I hope the author finds happiness after such a horrible past.

By Darlene Cruz
A compelling and astounding tale of an amazing person. The adventure of such left me speechless at times.

By Sharon
Amazing book. Pulls you in and you’re rooting for him. Couldn’t put it down. Definitely looking forward to more from the author.

By Morena Bekric
Just one word: EXCELLENT!!! You will not be sorry for purchasing and it is true story of real life and it gives you a lesson that life is never an easy journey and obstacles on this journey is what shape person fully…I enjoy it so much…